Naveen Saxena

Naveen Saxena is a professional photographer specialized in advertising and corporate photography. Naveen is in the field of photography for the last 32 years, he got specialized training in industrial photography from national institute of design, Ahmadabad in 1986.under the sponsorship of UNDP. After the course he worked as a photographer in American institute of Indian studies & after that he has been working as advertising and corporate photographer, worked for many advertising agencies & corporate groups. (Australia, India, Mauritius, USA, UK,). He had also set up the digital Library for the Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. He is having his own Photography Studio with the latest Camera Equipment to cater all photography needs.

Gullu Matharu

Gullu Matharu, a professional photo retoucher has for the past 30 years been doing high-end photo retouching, serving the advertising Industry.Back then with illustration & retouching, he used one of those old fashioned airbrush painting techniques to work his craft, but soon found the new fangled computers, Mac’s his choice, & photoshop expanded his artistic world. He dove in head first to catch up and now is a master at this relatively new version of an age old profession he honed before PC’s were on our desktops. He has worked for some of the pickiest clients. His skill, artistry and knowledge of anatomy bring them back again and again.